Top Tier Roofing offers roof repair services to both residential and commercial properties. We get to the core of the issue and will provide you with repair suggestions that are effective and long-lasting. 


When you don’t need a full roof replacement and only need a minor repair, Top Tier Roofing is here to help! We can repair anything from leaks to missing shingles and anything in between. While many companies will just come out to fix the problem and move on, Top Tier Roofing will work to find the source of your issue and then find the solution that will be the best fix.

After our initial inspection, we will provide an estimate for your roof repair that offers the right solution to your problem. Our cost estimate is always going to be based on the lowest cost that will benefit you. We don’t cut corners at Top Tier, and your repair cost will reflect the necessary materials and labor required to remedy your problem. Integrity is the backbone of our company, and it is reflected in all of our cost estimates.

Chimney Repair

New roof on row of townhomes


The roof of your business protects your business assets. To protect your bottom line, you need to make sure that any damage is repaired immediately. A shabby roof is also a detriment to the curb appeal of your business, which will likely result in less business. Avoid these costly problems by getting your roof repaired at the first sign of damage. Our team members know how to address any and all commercial roofing problems. We will offer cost-effective solutions to help keep your business running like normal.

We will get your repair or replacement done swiftly, allowing you to focus on your business. We offer timely repair services for all commercial roofing materials, including shingle, flat or low slope, metal, and slate. We are certified to repair EPDM and TPO roofing membranes and know what to look for when it comes to leaks and needed maintenance. Top Tier will not only fix the leak but also suggest a yearly maintenance plan to prevent leaks from happening again on your commercial property.

If you have a roof repair that needs to be addressed on your residential or commercial roof, contact Top Tier Roofing today!


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